"From this school will go men and women whose influence will be felt for good towards the establishment of peace internationally." 


Lillian Bradley

Lillian graduated Fall 2016. However, her journey to peacebuilding began long before she ever stepped foot onto BYU-Hawaii campus. At the age of 15, Lillian started her own non-profit, Fahodie for Friends, in helping end human trafficking and slavery in Ghana. Lillian has recently tackled the social media world by starting her own Instagram account, @desyre2inspyre, in hopes of inspiring women to purchase products from fair trade companies. 

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Taylor Rippy Monson

Taylor graduated in 2013 in International Cultural Studies with a primary emphasis in Peacebuilding and secondary emphasis in Anthropology and a minor in Political Science. Taylor founded a non-profit called Honey, which serves survivors of sexual violence by encouraging cognitive processing therapy (ultimately writing about trauma as a therapeutic process) through “Truth-telling” which involves survivors and allies publishing their Truths surrounding sexual violence and trauma on their website, "I carry my learning from the peacebuilding program with me always, and apply skills regularly in my work with Honey. Most often, I employ mediation skills like active listening and deescalation, as well as foundational aspects like "seeing people as people" and recognizing humanity in my daily interactions with survivors."

Taylor also works for the Arbinger Institute, based in Salt Lake City, as the Director of Outreach and Journalism. She oversees digital marketing and communication efforts for the organization. She says her undergraduate knowledge of Arbinger helps her "quite literally" in the workplace but its takeaways are applicable in every aspect of life, both at work and at home.


Caitlyn Nalder

Caitlyn graduated in 2013. Before working in her current job at Expedition Therapy, Caitlyn worked at the Anasazi Foundation working to heal family relationships through trail walking in the wilderness. Expedition Therapy provides Caitlyn with similar experiences and allows her to apply the core values she learned in the Peacebuilding program. "Conflict arises constantly in life, and working in the wilderness is a prime place to help us face our justifications, relationships, conflicts, and allow our hearts to change and heal."

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Christopher Udall

In 2014, while living in Palestine, Chris began his desire to pursue a career in philanthropy. Since that time he graduated from BYU-Hawaii with a major in Intercultural Studies with an emphasis in Peacebuilding and Anthropology. "I've used this degree working in conflict resolution initiatives in several countries and have learned just how crucial the next generation is in the climate of global conflicts." 

In December of 2016 Chris started his own NGO, Rebuild for Peace, which focuses on building peacebuilders through vocational education and training for refugees and at risk youth in violence-affected areas. Their headquarters are located in the South of Jordan in the city of Al-Karak. The end goal for Rebuild for Peace is not only to provide technical training and education to refugees and at risk youth, but also to combat extremism by enabling this demographic another path to economic security and the ability to build a life for themselves and their families without resorting to violent causes.  


James Byun

After graduating from BYUH in 2011, James started working with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in the Protection Unit as a national and international staff. He is currently working as a Refugee Status Determination (RSD) Officer in Jordan where he interviews asylum-seekers, conducts legal analysis, and determines whether or not they qualify for international protection. Recognized refugees are able to access the services that the UNHCR and its partners provide, and enjoy the rights enshrined in the Refugee Convention. “The skills and knowledge that I have acquired from the IPB courses can be applied in many aspects of my work. I very often meet with refugees and spend many hours interviewing and listening to their difficult stories.”

James’ ultimate career goal is to continue with humanitarian and human rights work and take part in serving the people in need, and to assist in uniting the nations of the earth.