The ANASAZI Foundation is a unique wilderness therapy program with a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach that gently invites a change of heart. Students had the opportunity to attend a forum with the organization's executive director to learn about internship and job opportunities.

Nate and Amy Mitchell arrived somewhat late to the forum because, as Amy later explained, Nate—a famous actor in the LDS world—kept getting stopped and asked to take his picture. However, his casual attire and humble demeanor did not leave anyone feeling starstruck, but rather put everyone at ease as he comfortably explained ANASAZI’s philosophy, mission, and appeal to internship-seeking students.


Nate shared stories from the trail, as well as cool handmade wooden spoons, guord canteens, woven baskets, and leather made items such as remembrance pouches, worn around the neck of those who work at and participate in the program. They also showed a video from their experience on the trail with their kids on Christmas, and taught students how to “bust a coal” or make primitive fire using the bow drill method, the most commonly used method at ANASAZI.


Students from the mainland as well as faraway places such as Mongolia were intrigued and excited to apply to the wilderness therapy program.

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