In the heart of Kaliuwa’a (the Hawaiian name of Sacred Falls) the Sacred Falls International Meditation Center aims to create harmony between the diverse religions and communities of the world, and, most importantly, within oneself through meditation and other practices. The center is revered as a sacred place because of its legends and cultural heritage, and seeks to honor the legacy of Kaliuwa’a and its significance to Hawaii by becoming a refuge for those needing solace and searching for peace.

The Center was founded by the Venerable Panekhao Nyanadharo, who has been ordained for almost 50 years. He has traveled the world to share the Buddha’s teachings on peace, compassion and spiritual harmony. He envisioned this sacred place as being the hub to inspire harmony, spiritual growth and world peace. “This is a sacred place, which has the power to downplay our daily worries and connect us to something beyond. I am struck by its beauty, and something here almost forces you to inner silence and peace”.

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A group of the McKay Center’s peacebuilders were able to spend their Saturday morning volunteering and giving service on the grounds of the Sacred Falls International Meditation Center. By pulling weeds, clearing paths, moving rocks, and tilling the grounds, they were able to contribute to the maintenance and beauty of this sacred place so that others might come and feel of its peace and tranquility.

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