“I wasn’t exactly excited to spend 5 hours discussing peacebulding. However, when people asked me how my 5 hour long workshop was, I could honestly say it was amazing.”

“I wish I could explain how much this workshop really meant to me. These topics and theories speak to my heart and soul.”

“The workshop was powerful as I was able to analyze my own conflicts and strategize ways to see people as people and move towards productive and sustainable solutions to disagreements. I found it particularly helpful to recognize the costs of leaving conflict unresolved … I began to analyze a conflict I’ve had … and realizing the importance of persistent action in resolving conflict.”

“I wish I could have had this knowledge earlier in my life; but now I have it to use and teach for the rest of it. This workshop and these theories and principles are life changing not only by changing how you perceive things, but by actually changing your actions.”

“My favorite part of what I have learned is how when we are attempting to get out or stay out of the box with people, we should react to our initial feelings to help them. We should take action.”

“To be brutally honest, I really wasn’t looking forward to the workshop. It was five hours of my Friday night that I wanted to use to do fun stuff. But I tried to have a positive attitude as I attended, and as the night wore on, I found myself enjoying the workshop. I found many things discussed relatable and helpful to me.”

“I realized it was worth it to set aside my pride and allow the healing effects humility, vulnerability and forgiveness take over my warring heart. What I appreciated most about the workshop was that I can apply these principles in my own life, but also introduce them into my family’s life. When I get home I am conducting a family counsel where we learn more about Arbinger principles and discuss their applications in our everyday lives, in order to coexist in a more peaceful manner.”