Mediation is a form of conflict transformation used to help reconcile parties while resolving conflict. Reconciliation is a process that not only works through existing disputes, but also seeks to set relationships that are in need of repair right. The process requires honesty, humility, accountability, and mercy from both sides of the conflict and gives both parties the opportunity to work together in coming up with an effective solution. Mediators facilitate this process and help parties envision a stronger and deeper relationship for the future. At the McKay Center, trained student mediators are given the opportunity to work on campus by conducting peer mediations.

Students are first introduced to mediation in IPB 121 where they learn about different mediation theories and techniques, and then have the opportunity to practice mediating a serious conflict with more advanced mediation students as role players during Mediation Night. Students are able to discover their own mediation styles and get a feel for what its like to mediate real conflicts, and many students go on to take the 400 level course which certifies them as student mediators. 

MAHALO to the students who volunteered as role players, and congrats to the 121 students who did an awesome job completing their Mediation Night!