Last week we held our semesterly Internship Forum hosted by David Whippy. In the forum we went over the process of obtaining a Internship in Intercultural Peacebuilding through the school, as well as how to find an internship, and what internships our past students have done. If you missed the forum, or want to know more, we wanted to provide a permanent reference on this process here! Some of our students have done incredible things on their internships including doing mediation work in the South Pacific, or working abroad with various Non-Profits in Europe! There are incredible opportunities.

Internship Requirements:

  1. 60 hours per 1 credit (180 hours for 3 credits)

  2. 3 learning objectives relating your internship to your major

  3. 5-6 page reflection paper

  4. You must be of Junior or Senior status

  5. At a minimum, you must have completed IPB 121, one IPB level 200 class or level 300 class, and one IPB Field Work Elective (IPB 400, 311, or 425).

  6. You must fulfill the IPB Requirements for the Internship eg Peer Mediation in schools Internship requires 10 hours of Mediation Labs

How to Find an Internship:

  1. Visit Career Services and use their resources

  2. Go to Career to search established internships online

  3. Explore family or personal connections for internships that suit your desired career field and preference

  4. Discuss options with your Internship advisor David Whippy


    Phone: 808-675-3381 McKay Foyer Office

Internship Steps

  1. Find internship or talk to supervising professor for options

  2. Seek approval from department Internship Advisor (David Whippy)

  3. Fill out application on Handshake

  4. Add 3 Learning Objectives to Handshake

  5. Procure an offer letter from your employer

  6. Get your Memorandum of Understanding signed and return if needed

  7. Get registered

During Your Internship

  1. Progress Reports

After Your Internship

  1. Submit an evaluation form completed by your employer about your performance

  2. Submit a self evaluation form (talk to Br. Whippy about these forms)

  3. Submit your reflection paper within one month of returning

For more information, pick up a brochure from our office or meet with Br. Whippy! Stay tuned for internship opportunities in your inbox!